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Computer Upgrades

Sometimes a brand new computer isn't the solution. Sometimes all you need is a little boost.

At Gadget’s, we specialize in optimizing your computer with hardware upgrades to meet your needs. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident and comfortable with your technology and that you are getting the most out of it. Gadget’s Computers can perform a free in-store analysis on your existing computer's specification and determine the most efficient and cost-effective upgrades available to match exactly what your PC needs are. Our friendly and honest staff will advise you on possible upgrade paths to get the most out of your PC and will never sell you more or less than you need.
Storage Devices – Traditionally data has been stored on your computer’s hard drive (HDD). Recently, solid state drives (SSD) have become the new normal with speeds and reliability that go far beyond what HDDs were capable of. Upgrading form an old HDD to a new SSD is an upgrade that every computer can benefit from.

RAM – RAM, or Random Access Memory is your computer’s ability to multitask. Generally the more RAM you have the better. Of course as applications improve and become more complex you computer needs more RAM to keep up. Often times slowdowns on a computer or freezing is caused by a shortage of RAM, which is easy for us Gadgeteers to help with upgrading!

Video Cards – Video cards (or graphics cards) are the components that allow a computer to send a video signal to a display. While laptops are generally set with their included video adapter, desktop computers can often benefit from an upgraded video card, not just for gaming, but for allowing a computer to output to multiple displays.